Technology Gateways International, Inc. Overview

Technology Gateways International, Inc.(TGI) was founded in June 1991. The focus in the early 1990s was on the provision and systems integration of telecommunications equipment.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California, TGI sold and integrated equipment such as channel banks (Tellabs), T1 multiplexers (NET, Tellabs), voice compression equipment (PCSI, ECI), digital synchronous timing systems (Larus Corp.) and other telecomm equipment. With a focus on the Asia Pacific market, TGI sold to such major customers as DGT (Directorate General of Telecommunications) in Taiwan; Shinawatra, CAT (Communications Authority of Thailand), Ucomm, Samart and other communications companies in Thailand; PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telecom), Philcomsat, Globe Telecomm and others in the Phillipines, DGT Taiwan (now Chunghwa), and other carriers and satcom providers in the region.

In 1994 TGI expanded by opening a regional headquarters office in Bangkok, Thailand. TGI provided satellite systems integration with a staff of over 50. With a civil works division (antenna construction : 1.8m to 11m antennas), systems integration (LNAs, satcom modems, up/down converters, HPAs) division, a maintenance and support division and a sales division, TGI grew into a region-wide supplier to major carriers and infrastructure providers in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other regional countries. Revenues in 1996 topped US $15M.

In mid 1997 the Asian currency crisis hit, beginning in Thailand. With business essentially going away, TGI suspended operations in 1998.

In July 2003 TGI emerged with a focus in the security environment. With partners in Korea, , TGI promoted Point to Point Security products (Apani), along with Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and DDoS Systems (Distributed Denial of Service) (IntruGuard Devices). TGI also formed a partnership to develop secure systems integrating BWLL (Broadband Wireless Local Loop) (Ogier Electronics) and other transmission technologies.

Recently, TGI has opened a subsidiary in the Philippines (TGP). It is headed by Dennis Duran (General Manager) and Odillion Puga (Director Technical Sales Support). The focus is on government, enterprise and carrier customers. Initial products are DDoS (IntruGuard) and Satcom equipment. With significant experience in the Philippines market, both Duran and Puga will expand TGPs product portfolio to include IP load balancers, IP edge technology as well as other technologies which fit into our customer base. These technologies include, but are not limited to IT infrastructure equipment. Technical services will expand to provide real time analysis of network performance and consulting.

TGI is currently in negotiations with an IT infrastructure company in Indonesia to partner in TGI (Technology Gateways Indonesia) to extend TGIs product portfolio reach into Indonesia. With extensive experience with carriers, financial institutions and government systems, Collins expects to partner with a former colleague who currently runs an IT infrastructure company in Jakarta.

The CEO of TGI, Lloyd Collins, has a diverse base of experience ranging from a telecomm engineering background (senior positions in Bell Canada, Northern Telecom (Nortel)) to General Management and CEO positions in high tech startups (Network Equipment Technologies (NET), TGI and Ensemble Communications). Collins was also instrumental in taking NET from a venture capital startup to a company listed first on NASDAQ, then subsequently on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

In summary, TGI, with its rich history of developing Asian markets for US technology, is a perfect partner for those technology companies looking to expand their addressed markets.